Get Beyond Break Even: From Knowing Numbers to Making Money


Are you overwhelmed by having to do it all yourself? Instead of being a superhuman, why not start focusing on the things that only you do best? If you’ve taken the Track Your Finances: Financial Statements at a Glance course, or are familiar with basic accounting, this is for you. This intermediate course covers what it takes to make your small business profitable. You’ll be guided through a series of prompts and simple equations to determine your business’s value and visibility.

To unlock this resource, create a free account on Verizon Small Business Digital Ready and search “Get Beyond Break Even” in the COURSES tab of your dashboard.


What’s Next? 

  1. Once you’ve completed the course, contact to get connected to your local Women’s Business Center (WBC)! A WBC advisor will provide free hands-on guidance to help you place what you’ve learned into action.
  2. Didn’t find what the answers you were looking for? Email to help direct you to resources customized to your needs.


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